Vacation Break: Placemaking Sightseeing

Spaces to Places is on hiatus this week as I hit the trails – literally  –  in Montana where there is plenty of placemaking happening including a variety of recreational trails and natural playgrounds.    From Mother Nature’s awe inspiring places – Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks – to several placemaking projects created by local REALTOR® Associations including ones in Missoula, Helena, Billings, Livingston & Kalispell, there is a lot of placemaking going on in Montana.  Both residents and visitors, like me, can experience the Power of Ten where we can stargaze, learn about geysers and glaciers, ride a bike, hike, horseback ride, camp, have a picnic, watch Old Faithful, take a dip, and see a bear or bison.

What types of placemaking did you discover on your vacation?